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Flexible capacities for international transports

Are you looking for the right transport organisation for your steel transports? Because in the future you want to avoid peak times when loading and unloading and react faster to fluctuations in the steel industry. You also want to significantly increase load security. With LKW WALTER you are on the right track.

LKW WALTER transports crude steel, construction steel, stainless steel, special steel, pressed steel, tool steel, chain steel, etc. for many customers in the steel industry. You can expect individually designed transport solutions. Both on the road and in Combined Transport.

Our customers trust in LKW WALTER's reliability and experience. We organise more than 230,000 full truck loads annually for the steel industry.

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"Steel" fact box

  • Iron melts at 1,536 degrees Celsius.
  • The first furnaces for melting iron were developed in the 14th century.
  • In 3000 BC the Egyptians processed ferrous meteorite rock.
  • More than 570 million tonnes of steel are recycled every year.
  • The first steel body car was introduced by Dodge in 1922.
  • There are 2,500 "standardised" steel grades.
  • The steel in the Eiffel tower expands up to 18 cm in summer.
  • Approx. 1,700 million tonnes of steel are produced worldwide.

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