Consumer Goods

International transports with curtain-sided trucks

Do you want flexible transport solutions in order to respond quickly to the demand behaviour of consumers? Do you also want to minimise the safety risks of your international transports? Then LKW WALTER is your transport organisation!

The consumer goods industry is affected by seasonal fluctuations. Knowing this, LKW WALTER organises full truck loads for those products in the consumer goods industry that are transported by means of curtain-sided trailers on the road and in Combined Transport. These include selected drinks, white and brown goods, detergents, sanitary products, cereals, animal feed and much more.

The consumer goods industry is an important industry for LKW WALTER. Every year, we transport more than 280,000 full truck loads for our customers from the consumer goods industry.

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"Consumer Goods" fact box

  • Trade is the prototype of ecnonomic activity with scarce goods.
  • The first home deliveries took place in ancient times.
  • Trade took place as countertrade 6,000 B.C. already.
  • After crude oil, coffee is the next most important commodity.
  • The first coffee house was opened in Venice in 1645.
  • The barcode was developed in 1949.

  • The invention of "online transaction processing" marked the beginning of online shopping.
  • 1984 was the first time a consumer made an "online" purchase.

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