Chemical industry

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Is reliability a top priority for you with every transport? Then you're surely looking for a partner who offers quality, safety and environmental sustainability at the highest level, regardless of transport volumes. LKW WALTER is that partner.

The supply chain in the chemical industry is very complex. It ranges from the refining of raw materials to the finished product. Within this supply chain, LKW WALTER specialises in the transport of packaged polymers such as PE, PP or PET.

Through continuous improvement in the areas of environment, health and safety, LKW WALTER has become the leading transport organisation. Each year, we organised more than 280,000 full truck loads for the chemical industry.

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"Chemistry" fact box

  • In 1856 Ignacy Łukasiewicz opened the first refinery.
  • Polyethylene was created by chance by Hans von Pechmann in 1898.
  • Polypropylene was first synthesised in 1954.
  • The discoverers of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) are John Rex Whinfield and J. T. Dickson.
  • PET consists of crude oil or natural gas and can be fully recycled.
  • More than 144 billion PET bottles are produced worldwide every year.

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